Sure Signs He Likes You

How can you know if your man really does love you? Is there a way you can distinguish between his love and his lust? Do you want to know for certain that his love for you is real? Since men experience lust usually earlier than love, it is important to be able to recognize the real thing. Apply this simple test of three factors to know if your guy does love you with all of his heart.

He makes lifestyle changes. Has he changed his facebook status to “in a relationship”? You may notice he has started buying the cereal you prefer over his standard fare. There will be little things that he does throughout the day and in his home that all point back to you. These are his subtle ways of letting you know that he is making room for you in his life.

He talks about you. His friends, his work colleagues, and his neighbors will all know about you and your positive qualities. In fact, he may exaggerate these and make you sound even better than you really are. That’s because, in his mind, you are a superstar. This incessant bragging on you is a telltale sign that he truly does love you.

He wants to talk about the future. A man that is head over heels will want to keep his girl around and away from other, and preying, men. To accomplish this, he will start discussions with you about his plans for the future, including marriage and children. He will even consider you in his work and career decisions and how it will play into your future together.

He calls you even when he has nothing to say. You may experience a phone call like this every day at some point. He just wants to hear your voice and let you know that he was thinking about you. This type of behavior shows that he is dependent on you, that you make him complete.

If you see any of these factors, or more than one, popping up in your guy’s life, then you can rest assured and feel secure in his love. Nobody else can make your guy feel the way you do, and you will know the answer to the question “does he love you?” deep in your heart.